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We partnered with SeoProfy on a some interesting projects in competitive markets and were extremely pleased with the results.

We would happily recommend them as highly experienced and responsible team that understand the seo landscape and can deliver excellent results.

Tim Heath


The company has reached an average of over 1,000 new sales per month, thanks to SeoProfy’s work.

The team works quickly and transparently and focuses on data and research when executing a plan, resulting in a successful partnership with the client.

Iaroslav Baklan

Managing partner

What I liked best, they exceeded our expectations.

They helped us make a strategy at the very beginning and get into the top for our main keywords, as a result of all the traffic has grown and continues to grow

Kiril Bigai


The sheer quality of work and processes of how the campaign and projects are managed and completed impresses us.

The report provided by SeoProfy was detailed and thorough. The team produces quality results in a timely manner, collaborating with the internal team every step of the way. They are hard-working and detail-oriented.

George Sklavounos

SEO Manager

Their ability to deliver on time and huge expertise in the SEO and content marketing domain impressed us..

SeoProfy achieved the company’s goals. They were able to boost the company’s ranking on Google. Their responsiveness greatly contributed to the collaboration’s success.

Giorgi Gulabyan


They’re able to find the little details that could make a huge change in our website traffic.

The client quickly saw their expected results soon after their partnership with SeoProfy. They held frequent meetings on email and messenger platforms. A highlight of their work was the vendor’s analysis and reorganization between campaigns to ensure more traffic.

Vitalii Sharovarov


“I’m impressed with their customer attention, availability at any time, and politeness.”

The company’s keywords have gained a great ranking and traffic growth, thanks to SeoProfy’s work. The team delivers results and communicates effectively with the company through Telegram. Their transparent communication is noteworthy as they answer questions promptly and provide regular reports.

Allison Reed

Head of SEO & Content

The organic traffic of the site increased 5 times.

We are working with SeoProfy almost for two years. The organic traffic of the site increased 5 times. I think this is not the limit.

Atie Uhan


My organic search traffic doubled

After a year of working with them my organic search traffic doubled. Unique is that when we had problems, they never stopped trying different solutions and were always generating new ideas of what we can do to fix it.

Serhii Starenko

CEO & Founder

The organic traffic of the site increased 5 times.

SeoProfy helped identify market offers for the client. They are working hard investigating the best possible opportunity. So far, the client is happy with the services and even planning to outsource more projects to the team

Oleg Kovalenko

SEO Manager

You can learn a lot from them every day

They are super open about sharing any knowledge and not concealing something as ‘trading secrets’. You can learn a lot from them every day.

Mikhail Bulanov

COO, Traino

“They were ready to adjust to our needs.”

Founder & Head of ProductBy implementing SeoProfy’s SEO recommendations, the sites grew their traffic by twofold. The team was also open to the client’s questions and demonstrated sage advice.

Rodion Borysenko

Founder & Head of Product

“Company managers are in touch almost 24/7, so it is very convenient and pleasant to communicate with them”

Thanks to SeoProfy’s work, the client’s organic website traffic has increased by 40% in less than a year. They have communicated frequently and promptly via Google Docs, ensuring an effective workflow. Their wide range of services and extensive database of outreach sites are hallmarks of their work.

Artem Tarasenko

SEO Specialist

“Communication skills were at a very high level.”

The client was satisfied that SeoProfy kept their promises to deliver on the scope of work, although it takes time to see the results of the SEO work. SeoProfy’s specialists were attentive to details, incorporating the client’s business characteristics into their work. Their communication was clear.

Ilia Fomichev

Head of SEO

“They really know what they are doing.”

SeoProfy has provided valuable SEO services that have grown the client’s website traffic by 10X. The team is organized and responsive, and the client appreciates their willingness to share advice.

Lev Tretyakov

Fortador Steamers USA


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